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We partner with our clients to wade through their digital transformation journey utilizing our products, solutions and services.

Accelerate your sales operation

We provide the ability to Track your delivery vehicles and Optimize their routes resulting in 20% productivity increase.

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Complete visibility to your inventory and production

We provide the ability to Track and Trace the raw material to finished product across the supply chain, delivered by plug and play components, augmenting your current capabilities.

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Optimize your warehouse operation

Our product allows you to automate the operations so that the risk of discrepancies is mitigated and inefficiencies are successfully eliminated.

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Achieve automation through a phased journey

Automate one process or automate hundreds of processes and achieve automation maturity through our 4 phased approach.

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Sales Tracker

Distributing high-quality products mandates an absolute traceability right through the supply chain. Having accurate and up-to-date information on inventory, customer credit limit and credit balance helps the field sales teams to make accurate on the spot decisions and raise customer satisfaction levels.

Accelerating your sales operations

Our solution provides complete visibility to inventory and customer receivables. An extensible framework that enables you to add new products, routes, customers and warehouses based on your business requirements. You get visibility of delivery vehicles to plan, prepare, address customer needs and delivery goods on time.

Business Accelerators

  • solution for route planning and tracking sales
  • Android app for field sales team to manage daily sales
  • Inventory, customer credit limit and balance information
  • Enables faster decision making and increased customer satisfaction
  • Live tracking of sales persons and their daily sales
  • Route optimization resulting in 10% increase in sales visit and improved savings per KM cost
  • Product coverage maps to determine hot and cold spots

Key Solution Elements

  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
    • Assign credit limits and track credit balances at real time
    • Monitor customer buying patterns and identify down trends
  • Route Management
    • Schedule, assign and monitor routes
    • Live tracking of routes
  • Assign Rate Cards to customers
  • Route, Product and Customer Reports

Track and Trace

The need to track the producer (i.e., the supplier who has delivered raw materials), the storage, the employee, the equipment, the facility, and finally through the retailer to the customer, is a necessity today. Additionally, there is an unequivocal need to focus on compliance and traceability initiatives to meet regulatory mandates.

Accelerating your Agile and Lean operations

Our solution helps to improve your agility in today’s competitive scenario. We help you optimize the organization performance with an endto- end operational view. At the core of the solution is complete visibility to inventory and production. We provide the ability to Track and Trace the raw material to finished product across supply chain.

Business Accelerators

  • Workflow management for Production Planning/Run
  • Track & Trace raw materials through to the finished product
  • Integrate with smart devices in the facilities running operations
  • Reduce inventory loss by tracking and measuring wastage in the operations
  • Actionable insights through the data collected & processed
  • Increased user adoption utilizing mobile devices

Industry Best Practices

We follow industry best practices as well as proprietary IP for Production Management and Inventory Track and Trace. Our solution is built on an extensible framework that enables you to add new production process, BoMs, products, and facilities based on your business requirements. The solution is user friendly for ease of adoption and implementation across the organization.

Key Solution Elements

  • Item and Bill of Materials Management
  • Partners and Facilities Management
  • Production Management
    • Schedule, Assign and Run Production Batches
  • Inventory Management
    • Purchase Order, Goods Received, Adjustments and Transfers
    • Trace Inventory Storage and Supply
    • Delivery and Dispatch
  • Tracking of Machines, Parts and Consumables

Warehouse Management

Managing warehouses of any size is a challenge in itself. Having accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on materials, receivables, and shipping improves the overall productivity by reducing the material turnaround time.

Accelerate your warehouse operation

Our warehouse solution provides complete visibility to materials and space available. We provide smart capabilities to put, store, and pick based on inward and outward orders. The system works on the handheld device used by the operators so that they can do their tasks without any errors.

Business Accelerators

  • Paperless solution to Put, Store, and Pick
  • Mobile friendly application for easy integration with handheld devices
  • Track material accurately within and out of the warehouse
  • Ability to generate tertiary and secondary material from primary material
  • Actionable insights unlocking value in data collected & processed
  • Accountability and empowerment of employees

Key Solution Elements

  • Location & Storage Management
    • Dimension & Utilization
    • Location Types & Priority
  • Material Management
    • Location Preference
  • Customer & Vendor Management
  • Purchase Orders & Sales Orders
  • Delivery Challans & Gate Pass
    • Vehicle Tracking
  • Reports

Robotic Process Automation

In a rapidly transforming digital world, automation is one of the catalysts for business process transformation.

Whether you want to automate only one process or automate hundreds of processes, we will have an unwavering commitment to get the job done. Our team has worked with companies of all sizes and we provide end to end services for automating Business or IT processes. Our personnel with varied experience in automation, can maximize ROI and help discover new automation ideas.

Phased Automation Journey

We help enterprises to achieve automation maturity through four phase journey

  • Proof of Concept to show automation works. Design and develop automation framework and implementation models
  • Pilot of automation use-cases using the automation framework and implementation model to validate automation strategy
  • Rampup automation adoption. Best practices are established and additional business processes are qualified for automation
  • Institutionalize automation adoption through continuous improvements, governance and setting up the Center of Excellence for automation


About Us

Vidita Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an India based provider of business consulting, technology, automation and outsourcing services.

We are a company led by a group of individuals that collectively have more than 100 person years experience in IT and IT enabled services. The group has extensive experience in managing large transformation programs, Application Development, Maintenance and Support services.

Our vision is to help Enterprises to navigate through the Digital Transformation.

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